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                                Dear Ladies and Gentlemens!               



   Rapid development of innovative processes is required in the interests of our economy modernization. And it is impossible without the development of civil society and ensuring the effective inter-sectoral collaboration "state - business structure - public associations."

    In his message to the Federal Assembly in December 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the need for an inventory of existing development institutions and the formation of an 'internal' demand for innovation. At a meeting of the State Council on December,23, 2013 the president marked shortcomings in the development of such important elements of innovation infrastructure as technology parks and business incubators. The task is set  to increase the effectiveness of public-private partnership in the development of science and technology in our country (using the advanced of domestic and foreign experience ).

   These are the tasks which the LLC "Alcor" is directed to. We form new business contacts, promote the development of the real sector of the economy, provide comprehensive support to business entities and developers innovators.


Priority areas of activity of "Alcor":

- assessment of innovative proposals and attraction of investments and loans to prospective business projects, assistance to developers in the commercialization of intellectual property;


- Industrial consulting for defense enterprises and civilian high-tech products, training and skills development for businesses and organizations of science intensive industries;


-organizing and conducting of public business events of exclusive level with the participation of representatives of legislative and executive authorities, and associated business structures and leading experts;


-PR-activities on behalf of customers, preparation and organization of specialized publications in professional journals and the media (including electronic).


According to customer requirements either separate operations or comprehensive implementation (or expert consulting support) of "turnkey" project can be implemented.


Official partner organizations:

Expert non-profit partnership of the Federal Assembly of Russia "Parliamentary

Center "Science intensive technologies and intellectual property";


-Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation;


-Scientific Center of Legal Information of the Ministry of Justice;


-Federal Institute of evaluation and certification of intellectual property and business;


-Russian Managers Association;


-National Foundation for Sustainable Regional Development in Russia


-National Environmental Audit Chamber, etc.


     Also business cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Moscow Chamber of Commerce, the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, a number of leading companies in high-tech sectors of the economy, credit institutions, domestic and foreign funds and private investors, scientific-research organizations and higher education institutions as well as public association is carried out.

Our ability to attract a large number of operational scientific and technical experts and managers of higher qualification allows us to solve customer problems effectively.

    LLC "Alcor" invites you to effective cooperation!